3 things executives who need assistance in writing a resume should know about standing out from the competition.

3 Things Executives Must do to Differentiate Themselves When Job Hunting in the Face of Tough Competition

For those looking to test the job search waters of seeking assistance in writing a resume, recent news reports are encouraging! Companies are adding jobs at a pace we haven’t seen in years, and private sector and small business hiring are on the rise.

The bad news? While more companies will be looking to hire senior and C-suite executives, competition for roles with top perks and compensation will be steep. Check out this Washington Post article on an analysis of what exactly is going on in terms of wage growth.

Here’s how you can differentiate yourself in the face of tough competition:

#1 Create killer career marketing collateral

To stand out from a crowd of well-qualified executives, your resume, bio, website, etc., must impress. You can’t afford to go with a resume written in a circa 2008 format, designed for a print versus an online read, lacking in quantifiable achievements or skipping strategic, bottom-line impact.

Those vying for a role in that executive space must show they can manage not just budgets but people and initiatives — and back it up with examples. 

#2 Start talking

You’ve heard it before. Most jobs at the executive level are filled via networking, not by applying online or posting your resume to job boards.

What’s your best shot when it comes to landing interviews? Devote just 20% of your time to searching for good jobs online to get a sense of who might be hiring and the qualifications they are looking for, and 80% to networking to figure out who you need to know to gain some inside intel and traction.

Amass names by starting with friends and families and then expanding to acquaintances. Take it a step further by searching on LinkedIn to find people at companies you are interested in, as well as recruiters. Then —  start reaching out.

Many, especially acquaintances and people you find via LinkedIn, will be too busy, and some might not ever respond. Keep in mind, however, that all you need is a few to advance your job search.

#3 Get virtual

Like it or not, recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers will find and vet you online. This can’t be stressed enough. Why not play this to your advantage by engaging on one or two social media sites?

By contributing articles (sharing, commenting, liking or even authoring) just once a week, you will slowly but surely position yourself as an expert in your field. Engage one time a day and you might possibly elevate yourself to thought leader status. This way, when hiring managers look for you online (and they will), what they find will reinforce for them that you are a candidate worth taking seriously.

Secure your status as a contender

If you are in no rush and not looking to make a career change anytime soon, as an accomplished executive it is still likely that a modest resume, a limited online presence, and a small but strong network will land you a role at some point.

However, if you are eager to strike while the iron is hot, you’ll need to up your game by investing in strong career documents, building and communicating with your network, and building your online reputation.

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