About Virginia Franco

I started Virginia Franco Resumes several years ago when I recognized that my 15+ years of corporate communications and web, newspaper and magazine journalism offered me a unique understanding of how to translate the complex into plain-speak with just a 90-minute interview, how people read documents when pressed for time, when reading online and when reading in print.

Invited to join the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council, I had the opportunity to share my philosophy on writing Executive Resumes and supporting career documents with readers.

The bottom line is that reading has changed – and documents written as recently as five years ago today might not get a second look.

I bring my years of expertise influenced by years collaborating with hiring experts, HR leaders and recruiters to write:

  • Strategically crafted and branded executive career documents for today’s online, small screen readers that translate the complex into compelling, and get interviews in 60 days guaranteed.
  • Executive Resumes that rank highly by ATS or HR screening software.
  • Executive Resumes and Cover letters that are 100% unique –  never a carbon copy of what’s already on the desk of every hiring manager.

My Credentials

I am proud to hold double certifications in my industry.

I am one of approx. 60 Executive Resume writers certified by the National Résumé Writers Association as a NCRW (National Certified Résumé Writer) and hold a CPRW certification (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) with the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches. I am a member of the Career Thought Leaders Association and Career Directors International.

This training has given me the tools to write your story – no matter how complex or convoluted it may feel. It will be strategically branded, keyword-rich, and position you optimally.

I hold a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Richmond (go Spiders!) and a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) from the University of Maryland.

My Work

I share my Executive Resume writing and job search insights with readers of: Work It DailyForbes, CareerealismIvy Exec, Business2Community, LinkedIn Pulse, Career Metis, and MedReps, and my work has been featured in the following publications:

Professional Cover Letter Examples for Managers & Executives

E-Note Summit

My Specialties

I write for every major industry and at this point just about every unique situation I can think of. I write across all career levels from new grads to senior executives, people in transition to those  returning to work after an absence. To name a few:

    • CFO/CMO/CTO/CIO/COO/CEO/President Resumes
    • SVP/VP Executive Resumes
    • Entry Level/College Graduate Resumes
    • Middle Management Resumes
    • Career Transition Resumes
    • IT Resumes
    • Finance Resumes
    • Banking and Financial Services Resumes
    • Advertising and Public Relations Resumes
    • High-Tech Resumes
    • Internet, E-Commerce Resumes
    • Law Enforcement and Security Resumes
    • Legal Resumes
    • Manufacturing and Production Resumes
    • Real Estate Resumes
    • Restaurant and Food Service Resumes
    • Retail, Wholesale Resumes
    • Supply Chain Resumes
    • Telecommunications Resumes
    • Transportation and Warehousing Resume
    • Accounting/Auditing Resumes
    • Administrative and Support Resumes
    • HR Resumes
    • Architectural and Engineering Services
    • Sales and Marketing Resumes
    • Military Transition Resumes
    • Academia Resumes
    • Manufacturing and Engineering Resumes
    • Biotech and Pharmaceutical Resumes
    • Community/Social Services and Nonprofit Resumes
    • Construction and Real Estate Resumes
    • Consulting Services
    • Customer Service and Call Center Resumes
    • Education and Training Resumes
    • Healthcare and Nursing
    • Hospitality, Tourism
    • Insurance Resumes
    • Product Marketing Resumes
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