Why Should I Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Studies show that resumes get reviewed by decision makers for JUST SIX SECONDS before making a KEEP/DISCARD decision. I have years of industry experience telling people's complex stories -- positioning clients past the second read and into the "keep" pile to get the role they want. My clients are smart senior executives, business owners, candidates in transition and professionals who recognize the challenge of translating a career full of twists and turns into a compelling story.  

Who Will My Resume Writer Be?

I plan on keeping my business small and personal which means that I will remain your sole point-of-contact from initial call to final documents.

How Does the Resume Writing Process Work?

Working together is easy and requires no prep work or questionnaires! I ask for 90 minutes of your time to uncover your unique brand, experiences, talents, passions, achievements and more through a one-on-one phone consultation. Once our call wraps up I'll write and design your resume proof and the editing can begin. From here we'll address any questions or changes you may have and work together to finalize the document. The entire process can take less than a week and will include a final resume formatted for humans and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

Once your resume consult is complete you can expect drafts within 5 business days. I also offer a priority RUSH service for clients up against a tight deadline that guarantees a resume draft back within 48 hours of our consult.

How Long Is the Phone Consultation?

All I need is 90 minutes for an initial phone consultation. I will not ask for you to do prep work or complete a questionnaire.

Do You Use Worksheets/Questionnaires?

Never. Writing about yourself is HARD -- that's why you have reached out to me! I garner all the information necessary for your documents during our 90-minute phone consult.

How Do I Get Started?

All you need to do to get started is email me at VAFrancoResumes@gmail.com or text me at 704-771-8572 to schedule a resume phone consult. Should we agree to work together, I'll ask for links to one or two job postings of interest and a copy of your most recent resume. If you don’t have one, that’s OK; we don’t need it to get started.

What Do You Need From Me to Get Started?

I ask for links to one or two job postings of interest and a copy of your most recent resume. If you don’t have one, that’s OK; we don’t need it to get started.

What if I Don’t Have a Resume?

No problem! You do not need a resume in order to get started. I can help you create a rough outline, work off of what is listed on your LinkedIn, or gather all the information we need over the phone.

How Are You Different From Other Resume Companies?

I have been writing resumes for more decades than I care to count -- but also bring to the table an extensive background in corporate communications and journalism. I've had the opportunity to write for magazines, newspapers, websites and even annual reports. These experiences, coupled with relationships I have forged over the years with recruiting leaders, make me an expert in how people read -- especially when they are in a rush and reading online.  

How Can You Help Me Land an Interview?

I understand how technology has transformed the employment landscape. I share with clients strategies to get the word out and drive traffic your way. Of equal importance, I gather all the details needed to create compelling documents rich in keywords, human voice writing, and formatting that appeals to today’s online readers.

Which Industries and Levels Do You Write For?

I write resumes and LinkedIn profiles for every major industry and at this point just about every unique situation I can think of. If your story is hard to tell - and you need someone to translate it to paper QUICKLY...give me a call! I WRITE FOR: ☑Executives and Middle Management with long, lengthy (convoluted!) careers ☑ Those who’ve never needed a resume – UNTIL NOW ☑ Officers transitioning from Military to Civilian life ☑ IT/High-Tech Managers who lead high-dollar, complex initiatives ☑  Industry + Career Changers AMONG OTHERS:

  • IT Resumes
  • Finance Resumes
  • Accounting Resumes
  • Administrative Resumes
  • HR Resumes
  • Legal Resumes
  • Real Estate Resumes
  • Sales and Marketing Resumes
  • Military to Civilian Resumes
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Resumes

Will You Use a Template to Write My Resume?

Your story is unique – your resume and LinkedIn profile should be too. Period. All resumes are 100% customized/individualized – you will NEVER see a template.

Can I See Samples?

Absolutely! Email me at VAFrancoResumes@gmail.com or Call/Text me at 704-771-8572 and I will be happy to share.

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